Celebrating 30 Years of Employee Ownership!

Celebrating 30 Years of Employee Ownership!

This year Keller, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of being 100% employee owned.

At Keller, everyone holds down two jobs – one being that of “owner.”  In fact, Keller is one of the very few 100% employee-owned building contractors in Wisconsin and that makes a world of difference. Being the best is especially important in an industry where it is hard to tell if your contractor is a good one until the job is done.  At Keller, we strive to provide an experience that, from start to finish, is worry free for you, our customer.

At Keller, we do things a little differently.  A Keller owner is involved at every stage of the project: in planning, exterior and interior design, project management, and in construction.  There is always an owner on hand and that results in a project that you will enjoy, from start to completion.

Count on Keller for your next building project!