Keller, Inc. to Build for City of Portage


In the heart of Columbia County, Wisconsin, the City of Portage has embarked on a significant development to enhance its infrastructure and services with the groundbreaking of a new public works facility. This project, encompassing a sprawling 51,000 sq. ft. main facility, a 10,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility, and a salt shed, marks a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to progress and efficiency.


This project dates back to a pivotal study in 2014, which highlighted the pressing need for expansion to accommodate the city’s growth and evolving requirements. Fast forward to the present, after an 18-month meticulous planning phase in partnership with Keller, the project has moved from blueprint to groundbreaking. The initial phase involved a collaborative Discovery or Needs Assessment Process, where the design team, alongside the building committee, thoroughly evaluated the city’s needs. This process considered multiple factors, including structure, layout, location, and phasing, ensuring a comprehensive plan that met the city’s specific demands.


This extensive preparation paved the way for a unanimous City Council endorsement, reflecting the project’s alignment with the community’s vision and needs. The construction, poised for completion within a year, addresses essential components such as a critical generator, ensuring the facility’s operational resilience.


The facility is designed to consolidate the entire Public Works fleet under one roof, offering a streamlined, efficient base for operations. Beyond vehicle storage, the facility will feature a dedicated maintenance area, spaces for parks and recreation activities, and a community space designated for parks and rec events. This multifunctional approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters community engagement and accessibility.


This ground-breaking initiative represents Portage’s proactive stance on infrastructure development, setting a benchmark for municipal facilities. By housing the Public Works fleet, maintenance operations, and community activities in a singular, modern space, the city is making a bold statement about its priorities: efficiency, community, and cost effectiveness.


As Portage moves forward with this project, it illustrates the city’s dedication to not just meeting the current needs but anticipating future demands. This facility is more than an infrastructure upgrade; it is a step towards a more integrated, community-focused approach to public service. It stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to growth, resilience, and the well-being of its residents, ensuring Portage remains a vibrant, thriving community for years to come.


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