LaserForm LLC

Location:  De Pere, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project:  72,800 Sq. Ft. New Crane Building


When the Owner at LaserForm LLC realized their space was becoming inefficient and too small to meet their new and existing customer needs, they partnered with Keller, Inc. to build a new building.  The Keller Project Manager, Architect and Interior Designer were challenged to design and build a top-notch technologically advanced manufacturing facility that would include a number of crane bays for moving material throughout the facility for cutting, welding, fabrication, etc., and with air and gases all piped overhead.  Some of the buildings unique features are:

  • Most electrical is run below ground to keep a clean organized appearance
  • The plumbing supply and drain lines are specifically located per equipment needs
  • Includes two drive-through bays serviced with overhead cranes for handling material on both ends of the building

The owner challenged Keller, Inc. to incorporate a building supported rack system designed and engineered to carry steel inventory as efficiently as possible.  With collaboration of many people, an incredibly unique, and custom, system was incorporated into the project.