Location:  Slinger, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project:  Multiple Self-Storage Buildings

The owners decided to purchase another property and expand their successful self-storage business to another nearby town. With the demand for larger boat & RV storage, as well as smaller 10×20 units, they felt the location was excellent for the client base they wanted to attract. The owners had numerous unsuccessful dealings with other designers and builders on their initial storage property, and even tried to manage the construction of their remaining buildings themselves. With the new property, the owners chose to delegate the knowledge of site & building design as well as a fast paced construction schedule to Keller, while they chose to focus back on the day to day job of operating their growing business.

The project consisted of a first phase of (2) standalone storage buildings. The first building was a 190’ wide x 45’ deep boat/ RV storage building. Each of the (14) units featured a 12’ wide x 14’ high automatic OH door with keypad entries, LED lighting, wall outlet and privacy partitions. The second building was a 190’ wide x 40’ deep self storage building. Each of the (40) units has a 9’x8’ roll up OH door with motion LED lighting and privacy partitions. The exterior of the building has a natural brick wainscot, windows, and LP siding in the gables.

The largest challenge of most self-storage developments including this one is the approval process with the local municipality. We took the approach to meet with the governing authorities planning and zoning administrator early on in the process to discuss the project, discuss local zoning ordinances, and determine whether this projects location and use would be welcomed and allowed by the Town. This was essential for our owners to feel more comfortable in spending the time and resources to design and engineer the site for the approvals necessary to begin construction. A lot of times municipalities aren’t as welcoming to developments such as self storage, so it is key in the process to assist our owners in meeting with planners as early on in the process as possible.