Personalized Work Environments

So you’re building a new office building or remodeling an existing one with Keller, and you’re very excited, as are your employees. What can you do to keep up the excitement after the dust settles and you’re all back to work as normal, in your new space? Here are some ideas to keep your employees healthy and happy:

Healthy: It’s a proven fact that strong workplace ergonomics reduce health care costs, improve employee productivity by allowing for efficient workstations, improve quality of work, and make your employees better with good posture and less strain/fatigue. Just as importantly, encouraging your employees to get up and move around throughout the day helps greatly to minimize the health issues that come along with prolonged sitting.

Talk to your Keller Interior Designer about ergonomic workplace solutions, for advice on where to go for things that will keep your employees healthy and productive, with properly adjusted chairs, keyboard trays, task lighting, sit-to-stand workstations, and any other needs your employees may have. If space allows, consider incorporating flexible collaborative spaces or secondary work areas into your office design, to give your employees a chance to get up from their desk and move around a bit.

Happy: Consider letting your employees personalize their offices. By allowing them to choose the paint color for their office, or even just their tack board fabric or selecting their own piece of artwork for their space, you’re telling them you care about their preferences and you want them to be comfortable at work.

Great employees are a company’s greatest asset, and by keeping those great employees feeling their best, you contribute to your company’s success. When you’ve done so well that it’s time to expand again, call your Keller Project Manager to get started!