WireTech Fabricators, Inc.

Location:  Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project:  66,500 Sq. Ft. Warehouse & Office

WireTech was located in a residential neighborhood in Sturgeon Bay and the City requested them to relocate into a nearby industrial Park.

The old facility was very inefficient and was in need of repair, and allowed a great opportunity for the Owners to partner with the team of Keller, Inc. experts to upgrade their facility to a new site.  The new building features:

  • Clear story window allowing natural light onto the manufacturing floor
  • Polished concrete floor
  • Large make up air system for clean air to remediate the welding operations

The Keller, Inc. team worked with the City of Sturgeon Bay and WHEDA to facilitate a grant to relocate the facility.  Keller, Inc. also secured two residential builders to redevelop the existing site into twenty eight residential low income housing units.  Both sites are completely redeveloped bringing a larger tax basis to the City of Sturgeon Bay.