Women’s Specialty Care

Location:  Bellevue, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project:  11,180 Sq. Ft. Medical Care Office

Women’s Specialty care is an independent clinic for women, but after many years of independent operation they are now affiliated with Bellin health.  When they built, they wanted to be the state-of-the-art facility located in the Green Bay market.  After working closely with the Owners, they expressed their need to create a warm and inviting space, with a prairie style architectural theme throughout the space, wood beams, fireplace a large clear story tower.  Unique to this project is that there is one mile of wood trim throughout the entire facility.  The wood trim is beautiful, but did bring a design challenge to the project as it ran continuous in corridors and all exam rooms at 7’0” above finished floor.  All windows, doors and other openings had to match exact heights for this to be continuous.