B.U.G. Fire Department – South

Location:  Brussels, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project Features:

  • 16,500 Sq. Ft. E.M.S. Facility & South Fire Station
  • Communications Room
  • Gear Room
  • Training Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Quarters
  • Office
  • Administrative Offices

The team at B.U.G. were outgrowing their space and saw a need to update their facilities to ensure they were keeping firefighters health at the forefront of their department.  After partnering with Keller, Inc.’s team of Construction Managers, Architects and Interior Designers, together they built a state-of-the-art facility that will be used for generations to come.

“Working with Keller’s Interior Design, we couldn’t be happier.  When you walk into the facility, it feels like home.”  Curt Vandertie, B.U.G. Fire Chief