Karls Family Dentistry

Location:  Waunakee, Wisconsin
Project:  2,538 Sq. Ft. Addition & 3,380 Sq. Ft. Remodel

Our first introduction to the Karls was in June 2019. At first we were talking of remodeling their existing practice and we carefully listened to their needs and came back with some small changes and budget numbers. After some thought and conversation internally, they thought the right way to proceed was to add on.

We began by tearing down an adjacent building to provide room for the addition. Next, site work began and utilities were run in. The site was challenging due to having to dig an extra 4’ to find suitable soils. Also, keeping the practice open during construction as the pandemic was in full swing presented us material availability issues, but the safety of everyone on site became top priority. Working with Patterson Dental and all of our subcontractors, we were assured it would be done right.

Keller used 4900 man hours to build a very unique and functional facility. By increasing the R-value, updating lighting and HVAC, to beautiful features such as paneled walls, fireplace, grand high windows and beams in the lobby, it is truly a state of the art facility they should be proud of.