Professional Plating, Inc.

Location:  Brillion, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Multiple Manufacturing & Office Additions
Project Features:

• 53,434 Sq. Ft. Production Addition
• 9,800 Sq. Ft. Office Addition
• 4,500 Sq. Ft. Office Remodel & Exterior Upgrade

Professional Plating, Inc. is constantly growing and needed more production and manufacturing space.  The new office area was added and the old outdated offices were updated to a new modern breakroom, employee area and fitness center.  The Keller, Inc. Interior Designer was key to the success of the remodel and office addition and worked closely with the Owner to bring their vision to life.

A unique challenge to all building projects we have partnered on, has been to build in several stages as Professional Plating, Inc. needed to remain in operation during all renovations and additions.

Professional Plating, Inc. and Keller, Inc. are proud to have received the following awards:

  • 2017 Excellence In Design – Manufacturing Honorable Mention Award
  • 2018 Excellence In Design – Office Bronze Winner