Yeager Properties

Location:  Green Bay, Wisconsin
Building Type:  Ground-Up
Project Features:

  • 75,330 Sq. Ft. Office & Warehouse
  • Large bay construction
  • Heavy insulation in both walls and the ceilings
  • Exterior is masonry and EFIS

A division of Bay Family of Companies, that focuses on EXPI-DOOR®, Yeager Properties outgrew space at their local headquarters and partnered with Keller to help design and construct a new ground-up facility to meet their needs.

After starting the project, the site appeared to be a great location that is located in an industrial park, but during construction it was discovered that the site was filled to cover up nonessential wetlands.  The Keller Project Manager worked with both the city and the owner to remediate the issue and ensure that the project could continue as planned, while remaining on time.

Together with the Owner, the Keller Project Manager, Architect and Interior Designer were able to successfully design and construct a space that met their needs, as well as worked directly with the city throughout the construction process to ensure their requirements for the facility were above and beyond their expectations.